Tuesday, February 12, 2013

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

SolarCure Featured on International Race Car

This is always exciting! SolarCure's logo is featured on international race car driver Advait Deodhar's bright blue race car. And just below Ford!
Solar powered race car

Solar powered race car

Solar powered race car

Solar powered race car

Solar powered race car

Trans World News Highlights SolarCure Story

Trans World News, one of the leading press release and news websites on the Internet today, highlights the unique beginnings of SolarCure’s Adopt-A-Solar-Panel™ program. First introduced to the world in early 2013 by two American men, SolarCure’s reach is spreading far and wide within a few short weeks.

Read NJ Men Aim to Shrink America’s Dependence on Foreign Oil.

Alabama Street Sweeper Sponsors a Solar Panel

Although SolarCure's first solar panel recipient is based in New Jersey, one of the initial sponsors is based in Alabama. It shows that contributing to a specific cause is not limited to geographic boundaries.

Victory Sweepers, the Alabama-based producer of the most innovative line of parking lot, construction area clean-up and street sweepers found in America, today announced its sponsorship participation in SolarCure's new and unique Adopt-A-Solar-Panel program. A key component of Adopt-A-Solar-Panel is the distribution of online press releases to hundreds of online news portals, which generate SolarCure's unique concept of Solar Powered SEO™. Solar Powered SEO™ helps any business extend their reach online. In addition to being a leader in street sweeper technology for over thirty five years, its association with the Adopt-A-Solar-Panel program will ensure that Victory Sweepers can be identified as a "green" company and align itself with many qualities associated with green branding. Victory Sweepers' sponsorship will help provide green energy to a designated area non-profit organization via the utilization of solar panels that would otherwise not be available.

Read more about Victory Sweepers on al.com.

New Jersey Landscape Firm Becomes Solar Panel Sponsor

With every new and exciting idea, there comes a new generation of smart businesses willing to take a chance. New Jersey's Peluso Landscaping, a landscape installation firm based in Warren, proudly announces its generous sponsorship participation in SolarCure's one-of-a-kind Adopt-A-Solar-Panel™  program. Peluso Landscaping was established in 1935 by the current proprietor Angelo Peluso's grandfather, and specializes in both commercial landscape and residential landscape installations. Along with other fellow New Jersey-based business including SolarCure, being part of the Adopt-A-Solar-Panel program will ensure that Peluso Landscaping can be branded as a "green" company both in and out of the yard. The company's sponsorship helps provide green energy to a designated area non-profit organization via the utilization of solar panels that would otherwise not be available. Other New Jersey-based businesses involved with this highly beneficial program include Ezra Sutton P.A. and New Jersey insurance provider O'Donnell Agency.

Read more about New Jersey landscape installation firm Peluso Landscaping on Investors.com.

New Jersey Insurance Agency Joins Adopt-A-Solar-Panel™

New Jersey's O'Donnell Agency, a family-owned personal and commercial insurance agency dating all the way back to 1880, has joined forces with SolarCure to become an area sponsor for the new and very unique solar panel initiative - the Adopt-A-Solar-Panel program. Adopt-A-Solar-Panel™ is a one-of-a-kind green energy initiative that combines solving solar panel energy needs with search engine marketing. The Adopt-A-Solar-Panel also creates awareness for the plight of veterans in need of a job, non-profit organizations and solar panel sponsors. Solar panels featuring the O'Donnell Agency's sponsorship effort will be installed at VFW Post 6061in Colonia, New Jersey.

Not only is the reputable New Jersey insurance agency one of SolarCure's first sponsors, they are the very first client to sign up for multiple programs.

Learn more about O'Donnell Agency on Yahoo! Finance News.

SolarCure Creates Buzz on Twitter!

Recently introduced in 2013, SolarCure’s Adopt a Solar Panel™ program with its Solar Powered SEO™ component has earned quite the buzz on Twitter. Here’s a just a few of SolarCure’s many highlighted “tweets.”

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rick Mulholland’s interest in SolarCure's Adopt-a-Solar-Panel™ program was peaked after a conversation with Raymond Saluccio about the trials and tribulations found in the marketing world today.