Saturday, February 9, 2013

Alabama Street Sweeper Sponsors a Solar Panel

Although SolarCure's first solar panel recipient is based in New Jersey, one of the initial sponsors is based in Alabama. It shows that contributing to a specific cause is not limited to geographic boundaries.

Victory Sweepers, the Alabama-based producer of the most innovative line of parking lot, construction area clean-up and street sweepers found in America, today announced its sponsorship participation in SolarCure's new and unique Adopt-A-Solar-Panel program. A key component of Adopt-A-Solar-Panel is the distribution of online press releases to hundreds of online news portals, which generate SolarCure's unique concept of Solar Powered SEO™. Solar Powered SEO™ helps any business extend their reach online. In addition to being a leader in street sweeper technology for over thirty five years, its association with the Adopt-A-Solar-Panel program will ensure that Victory Sweepers can be identified as a "green" company and align itself with many qualities associated with green branding. Victory Sweepers' sponsorship will help provide green energy to a designated area non-profit organization via the utilization of solar panels that would otherwise not be available.

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