Saturday, February 9, 2013

New Jersey Landscape Firm Becomes Solar Panel Sponsor

With every new and exciting idea, there comes a new generation of smart businesses willing to take a chance. New Jersey's Peluso Landscaping, a landscape installation firm based in Warren, proudly announces its generous sponsorship participation in SolarCure's one-of-a-kind Adopt-A-Solar-Panel™  program. Peluso Landscaping was established in 1935 by the current proprietor Angelo Peluso's grandfather, and specializes in both commercial landscape and residential landscape installations. Along with other fellow New Jersey-based business including SolarCure, being part of the Adopt-A-Solar-Panel program will ensure that Peluso Landscaping can be branded as a "green" company both in and out of the yard. The company's sponsorship helps provide green energy to a designated area non-profit organization via the utilization of solar panels that would otherwise not be available. Other New Jersey-based businesses involved with this highly beneficial program include Ezra Sutton P.A. and New Jersey insurance provider O'Donnell Agency.

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